Stunt S9 - The most accesible foiling package in the world

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Designer : Michele Petrucci


Length : 4.16m


Width : 2.36m


Mast : 7.5m


Sail Area : 11.5m sq (inc Mast) Weight : 85 kg


No of Crew : 1


Crew weight : 50-90kg


Construction : Hulls are fibreglass foam sandwich epoxy infusion, spray painted (colour optional). Mast, beams, boom, rudders, boards, foils and foil kits are all pre-preg carbon processed in an autoclave at 120 degrees and 6 bar pressure.

The Stunt S9 has been created to enable the average sailer to experience the thrill of flight.


The package is light weight, easy to handle and has a well tested (wand based) flight management system ensuring foiling is stable and level.


The boat is able to fly upwind in 8 knots and downwind foils in excess of 1.4 times wind speed, with a current registered top speed of 24 knots



UK : £16 500 Inc Vat

EU : €20 000 Inc Vat


We are making the S9 available in the UK fully kitted out and ready to hit the water with foil covers, boat cover and large wheel launch trolley.


It will be delivered to your preferred location and be set up and a short training session will be provided. (included in the advertised price)


Further training can be provided by arrangement on an individual basis.


We are also running a series of S9 foiling clinic's across europe where owners and prospective owners can meet, socialise and devlop together.

Our aim once we have a number of boats in the UK will be to develop an active class association and a racing/training circuit to enable S9 owners to meet, sail, socialise and develop this new form of the sport together.


We will also continue to make demo boats available at our roadshow events

The stunt S9 is the result of the dream to produce the ultimate fun catamaran. The concept is the brain child of Michele Petrucci (Son of Lallo Petrucci and co-owner of Bimare catamarans).


The first boat produced in 2012 was 12 ft long and led to the Stunt moniker due to its c boards producing "interesting" flight characteristics.


The next incarnation saw the boat grow to 13ft 9 and fly with non articulated T foils and winglet rudders. Progress was good but Michele was not happy with the results, so after a trip to foiling week and much research he developed the foils further adding a wand system and articulated flaps, improved T foil rudders and finally rake adjustment to the dagger boards. He also changed the production method of the hulls to epoxy resin infusion to increase resin distribution and increase stiffness.  


Michele’s method has always been to keep it as simple as possible, test, adapt, test, adjust and test again. So the production model which arrived in 2015 has had many thousand of hours testing, many adjustments and re-designs and is very much the finished article.


The Stunt S9 is the most accessible foiling package in the world and the only single handed foiling catamaran designed from scratch to deliver off the beach, stable, foiling fun.